Don’t Lie When Dating a Sugar Daddy

Some of you who want to date a sugar daddy may want to lie a bit about yourself, especially when you are on a sugar daddy dating app. Lie the disadvantages about yourself may attract more potential daddies to you, but you should know that a relationship with lies would never have a happy ending. Besides, a successful sugar daddy won’t stand that his sugar baby lie to him. So, you’d better to offer the real you to him and treat him wholeheartedly. Here are some items that you should never lie when dating online.

Your age: you may think that many sugar daddies prefer young man, making you to lie about your age. That’s not a good idea. What he expects the most is not the fact that you are young. All he wants is a man who younger than him and who are funny to make him happy all the time. There is no meaning to lie things that they don’t really care.

Your job: Let’s look it in another perspective: will you care what kind of company your sugar daddy owns or manages if he can offer you enough money for life. No, you won’t. So, why do you think he will care what kind of job that you have or the details of your employer? You can choose to not tell him if he doesn’t ask about it. Or you should be honest with it when he wants to know.

Your habit for drinking and smoking: Those sugar daddies may prefer his sugar baby to have a habit for drinking and smoking socially. Sometimes, they may need their sugar baby to drink with them for the meals or just drink to forget the stress. So, if you can drink, tell him and he will be pleased to accept that. If you don’t drink, you should also inform him before the start of your relationship to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

Your relationship status: A sugar daddy dating is a mutually-beneficial relationship, which means that it doesn’t require emotional feelings for each other. Two parties can get what they want from the relationship, then it is a successful one. So, it won’t have influence on it whether you are already in a relationship or get married.